Tree Top Sac

Heritage Oaks Park

By Stephanie Silva August 28, 2022

Thrill seekers and adventurers, look no further than Tree Top Sac. Located in West Sacramento at Heritage Oaks Park, this aerial adventure course offers a unique and daring outdoor experience that will have you climbing ladders, traversing tree canopies, conquering obstacle courses, and finally zip lining away to start a new challenge. 

Upon arrival you will meet with a Qualified Guide who will get you suited up in a harness and helmet and take you to Ground School. This is a great first step into getting familiar with your equipment, making sure everything feels secure and easing you into your first climb. There is an age requirement of 7 years old, weighing at least 50 pounds and being at least 51" tall, so today we brought our two oldest children.

So, was it scary? The first step always is right?! Once you get get going each step gets a little easier as you adjust your balance and learn to trust yourself. Coaching the kids through the obstacles helped me get over my own fear of heights by putting on a brave face for them. There are 5 courses in total, 2 "easy", 2 "medium", and 1 "hard". This time around, we stayed on the easy courses, which for a 7 and 9 year old were still challenging. My oldest daughter, Truly, said, "You know what I feel right now Mommy, it starts with an A. Adrenaline". I was so proud of her for conquering her fears! My 7 year old, Sadie, has always been an adventure junkie and had a great time hovering 20 feet in the air on bridges, logs, and ropes.

We had so much fun at Tree Top Sac! We even stayed cool at this beautiful venue under the shade of the majestic Heritage Oak trees and well maintained surrounding area. This was such a great relationship building experience for the whole family. We were calm and patient with the girls to ease them into the climb and they helped to cheer us on as well. 

Before you leave, check out the newly built kiosk that now offers a variety of snacks and drinks including handcrafted iced and hot coffee along with merchandise for sale. We tried the Curious Climber, Pumpkin Spice Latte and a couple flavored lemonades for the kids. 

The whole family had a great time, we actually had some tears when it was time to go, but we will definitely be back! Next time I think we will check out their Evening Climb as the sun sets. For more information and to make reservations, check out their website Tree Top Sac and have an awesome adventure!